Saturday, May 31, 2008

You've Got Mail, and you don't know you've sent it!

Harini, a beautiful friend of mine, has forwarded me a mail. I opened to see her latest snaps from her Nainital trip. Oh! its not, but a screenshot of her friend's yahoomail page with, with what?

With sender id and recipient id the same. And the mail is a spam! Her friend checked the sent folder to see that no such mail has ever been sent. The content is that of some pharma company offering services to enhance functioning and size of 'assets de physique' of men and women; cool isn't it?

But what's not cool is the fact that mail originates from the same id to which it's been sent. So, what? What's the problem?

When 'X' receive mail which has malicious or obscene content from 'Y' whom he/she is not good terms, problems can crop up without Y even knowing that such a mail has been sent from his id. More aggressively crooked ones can even put this into more misuse/abuse.

So be wary of such mails; and if you get such mails don't rush to conclusions - have patience and give it some benefit of doubt. That help you a lot!

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