Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sreenivasan's Pachamarathanalil

Okay, watchable.

If you wish to spend some time entertained with a Sreenivasan movie. Once again Sreenivasan is all over the movie and the viewer cannot be blamed if they felt scenes in which he himself is struggling a bit to get his wit across. Indeed he's struggling to 'find joke'.

Everyone knows movie-making involves make-up men and this movie would rather be more noticed for that aspect; especially, in shots involving Sreenivasan himself. Maybe, he overlooked this, I don't know for sure. But, make-up on the whole, is loud.

The movie is very much Sreeni-centred, it felt. One may easily conclude that he has borrowed much from his career, especially, from its initial years to add gravy to this movie.

Nothing much to say, watch it when you get time. Do not find time to watch it unless you desperately want to see a Sreeni flick!


Anonymous said...

This was very boring movie except for Nazar who done a good job. Its a copy of Kannathil mutham ittal by Maniratnam which was a copy of some spanish film.

Sreenivasan looked old and jaded and nothing he could do, the flash back after interval is boring boring boring. And finally Lal comes how many times we see his repetited acting , finally ulli tholichchu athra thanne.

ispeak said...

You summed it up well!