Sunday, April 29, 2007

Amrita TV - Amritam for your eyes and ears!

They haven't been onto the competitive turf of channel-supremacy for long. But given the style and strategy, it won't be too long before they take the top-slots of the viewers' minds and TRP listings. The programming content catering to a wide spectrum of viewers has indeed been different and interesting one. To a great extent, I must say, their programming strategy is in line with the concept their tagline publicises - Endearing, Enriching and Entertaining.

Another peculiar feature I find with Amrita TV, is the quality of their thoroughly different visual graphics. The visual treat these graphic imageries invoke in any viewer's mind would indeed be a gladdening and refreshing one. And indelible too! Watch the graphics for programmes like Pradakshinam, Parasparam, Vanitharatnam, Chitranjali et al. I am sure, you won't miss the impressive strand of a colorful, exciting and attractive theme specific to each programme and in line with the channel's visual scheme; omnipresent in almost every graphic imagery you would come across. I guess, there is a wholly independent and exclusive visual designing team working in Amrita for this goal. Anyway, keep up the good work!

More publicity please...

A woman who is into her late thirties and desirous of attracting attention whichever way possible. Sensing that her Bollywood stint is almost over, so she must look for greener pastures abroad. Would Hollywood be okay? Oh, yeah! But the sad thing is, in Hollywood real acting talent matters. Not "just acting" won't do. But why get disheartened? Channel 4's Big Brother has brought plenty of pounds to her kitty. Whether Indians or Britishers were hurt by the kind of 'competitition' she faced inside the celebrated confines of Big Brother does not bother her. What matters to this lady is nothing but the highly-held values of Mother India; fortitude and forgiving mentality.

So, what she did? She ingeniously attributed all the Big Brother hullaballoo to a "communication gap". Dear friend, think again, if people throws tantrums on you (*ed words, including) never mind; when enlightenment dawns on you in the form of realising what you stand to gain (or lose), you can excuse your opponents by invoking the much-cliched "communication gap". That will create a win-win situation for all those concerned. Here, Channel 4, Shilpa, Jade and all those associated with the Big Brother won in one way or another.

Now, Richard Gere's kissing. Dont think of it as vulgar. He was brought up in a different culture and what wrong he did:he just kissed and that's it. Just kissed! Why make a furore over that. Gere, the celebrity Buddhist, has been grossly misunderstood. Grow up, Indian media, to the ways and customs of western world! It's a shame that every time a well-meaning lady has been put to such troubles so as to come up with a well-drafted excuse for the sake of hers and others!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Did I hear...

God's own country... (Not every part of Kerala is beautiful...)
Devil's own people... (Not all Keralites are bad people...)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Minus for food supplements and a Minus 2 for IQ

John Starr, a consultant and researcher at the Royal Victoria hospital, Edinburgh, Scotland says that smoking through one's life may typically reduce his/her IQ by 2. Also this might explain why memory lapses and slower thinking found in many people beyond the age of 60.

A separate finding in connection with a study by the Scottish Educational Research Centre reveals that most vitamins and minerals said to be present in food supplements have almost no effect on mental abilities. However, these supplements containing folic acid and vitamin B12 can help reduce levels of homecysteine, an amino acid that in high levels is associated with increased risk of vascular disease and dementia.

Source: Gulf News, Monday, March 26, 2007.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

No Child's Play - Literally!

Next time when you buy your children soft toys think twice! According to a report published by ToxicsLink.Org, soft toys made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) could pose serious threat to children's health as they may contain neurotoxins and nephrotoxins like Lead and Cadmium.

Out of 111 toy samples collected from Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai, 77 were found to be made of PVC materials. Further tests on 88 samples revealed them to be containing of varying concentrations of Lead and Cadmium.

A full report can be downloaded from