Sunday, April 29, 2007

Amrita TV - Amritam for your eyes and ears!

They haven't been onto the competitive turf of channel-supremacy for long. But given the style and strategy, it won't be too long before they take the top-slots of the viewers' minds and TRP listings. The programming content catering to a wide spectrum of viewers has indeed been different and interesting one. To a great extent, I must say, their programming strategy is in line with the concept their tagline publicises - Endearing, Enriching and Entertaining.

Another peculiar feature I find with Amrita TV, is the quality of their thoroughly different visual graphics. The visual treat these graphic imageries invoke in any viewer's mind would indeed be a gladdening and refreshing one. And indelible too! Watch the graphics for programmes like Pradakshinam, Parasparam, Vanitharatnam, Chitranjali et al. I am sure, you won't miss the impressive strand of a colorful, exciting and attractive theme specific to each programme and in line with the channel's visual scheme; omnipresent in almost every graphic imagery you would come across. I guess, there is a wholly independent and exclusive visual designing team working in Amrita for this goal. Anyway, keep up the good work!

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