Saturday, March 27, 2010

iPhone tips!

Want to save on battery power and life?

Try out these tips:

1. Turn off Auto brightness option and select the min brightness.

2. When playing games turn off sounds and vibrate.

3. Turn off location settings and select fetch data option > Manually.

4. Use auto lock with immediate option, the early lock saves display power usage.

5. Download and use applications that you really need.

6. Recharge only when power it option appears.

7. Turn off 3G when not needed, might save money as well:)

8. Turn off Data roaming and wireless when not needed.

9. Keep iPhone in apple recommended protective gear because certain covers especially with magnet clip-ons might cause handset to heat up quickly while using or recharging iPhone.

10. When using iPod in iPhone select songs from normal playlist option instead of going for the album cover display swipes and select.