Thursday, May 31, 2007

An Utopian dream?

No hackers, No anti-social websites, No unwanted mails, No junk mails; In short, absence of everything that nullifies the advantages and benefits that the cyber world offers us...

How fast, easy, time-saving and productive our cyber journeys be then?

Freedom and Space to Express yourself...

If you have ideas and you want people to know about that, what would you do? Grab a microphone, jump onto a pulpit and start speaking at the top of your voice. Well, this idea of speaking your mind out is not bad, but the problem is that, there would be few listeners for you and fewer who understands you. If they don't like what you like to say, then a physically vigorous crowd (three is a crowd, please remember, ha! ha!) would not think a wink's time to throw their footwear at you.

So what's the safe alternative?

Blog, man, blog. This is a much safer and effective way of communicating your ideas without being putting your self to physical and verbal on-the-spot feedbacks. Blogging has its advantages. Perhaps, there are more chances for you being read and understood in a more effective and proper way that it would've been otherwise, IF, what you blog about is for the good of the society.

Heartfelt thank yous to the people at Google, for providing such a great platform!