Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Superstar Global, Star Singer, Indian Idol, KBC...

Watching the slew of reality shows and celebrity programmes that hunt for talent?

Ever thought why there isn't even a single programme or reality event promoting science and literature. Big money is flowing into airwaves, but not even one per cent is being channeled to fund any science programmes, what a pity!

Many channels stress on the 'complete' aspect of entertainment and infotainment, but as such there is nothing real of that sort, when it comes to promoting scientific temper amongst viewers. It's high time the so-called Indian channels turn to their compatriots in the Europe and North America. BBC programming is a pointer in this respect.

Green Bengaluru...

I love Bengaluru. Loved more when it was Bangalore of 80's and 90's with much more greenery, un-crammed roads, less pollution, little-more friendly people and with a 25-29 temperature climate. Ask anyone what's great about Bangalore and the first thing they would tell is Climate. But now a lot has changed. Mean temperature has risen and climate is slowly turning warmer and more humid.

Now greenery is slowly disappearing. More and more trees are being felled for construction purposes, widening of roads and in the name of beautification drives?... I recall with shock an image published by the Times of India on an April Fool's Day in 2004 (or was it 2005) showing the beautiful green stretch of Bangalore's happening M.G. Road. Though it was a joke to many of them it was a real shocker!

Bangalore is still comparatively more "green" to other Indian cities, and for that, Bangaloreans should be much grateful to the Defence establishments that dot the city. Some 40 per cent or so of the total land area that comprises the heart of the city, I believe, is being held by a number of Defence establishments. And these lands are abundant with a variety of trees and beautiful gardens, though of late, new buildings and extension works of the existing ones are slowly encroaching on these small 'green belts' inside their compounds.

I wish if more acreage of land had been with them Bangalore would have been more green.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Flashback Series - 1 : New Delhi - National Capital

Nizamuddin Railway Station: Early Morning. We reached there 1 hour prior to our train's departure, so lots of time to sole-grate (my term for loitering here and there just to pass time) and observe.

The first thing that caught our still sleepy and travel-weary eyes was the mazes formed by the platform "Sleepers", Parcels and Luggage: Mazes in different forms and sizes made up of Beggars, Travellers, Workers, Parcel Boxes, Huge Cartons, Sacks and what not... It takes a lot of patience and dexterity to wind through these with your baggage and minus the help of a porter. Somehow, we got to the platform where our train would come.

Rodents, Stray dogs, Ants, Roaches, Birds... in absolute freedom! Shoo them, and they are most likely to ignore your gesture. If you're that adamant and persevering, then they might stage a somewhat placating act of moving about here or there. As there was no train in rail lines in front of us, we could see how clean (read un-clean) the rail sleepers, lines and the other platform.

Human faeces, urine, food leftovers, plastic cups, oil, sewer water... on the rail sleepers and lines dirt, dust, grime, nauseating smell. Huh!

Why I narrate all these now?

'Coz, I would like to take a calculated guess. I guess that Nizamuddin Railway Station might be still the same, even now. With us, it takes years for things to notice, acknowlege, decide and act.

If things have changed for the better, please let me know thru' ur comments. If not, let me not have the wrong notion that my post would ever be taken even bit seriously.