Friday, May 22, 2009

Press 1 for Sanskrit!

I call up an India Customer Care number and the IVR says Press 1 for Sanskrit, Press 2 for English and so on. I press 1 and hear beautiful intonations in Sanskrit detailing service descriptions and choices...

Oh! I was dreaaaaaaaaaaaaaming!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Funny absentmindedness!

Absentmindedness can be funny. Some of its presents to me...

1. I bought a mobile recharge coupon, topped up my account and threw my handset into the trash bin instead of coupon and the looks I got from passers-by while I scoured the bin for my handset.

2. Inserting a hundred rupee note into the ATM's receipt dispensing slot while waiting the machine to print out the transaction details. I had been thinking of paying credit card dues that time.

3. Opening up a film case cover of Camera which was just loaded with a new roll for changing a pair of batteries.

4. Making a local call from a public booth abroad using Indian coins in the coin slot when we just landed.

5. Mixing a scoop of creamy yoghurt with a bowl of fruit-ice cream salad in a family get-together.