Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Project Gutenberg for Free E-Books

I came across Project Gutenberg in the late '90's through the Mathrubhumi daily. From that time onwards I am a regular visitor to the PG (http://www.gutenberg.org/). I started with downloading 'Raja Yoga' from their collection.

Later I contacted Michael Hart, through a contact email on their site, offering my services in the hope that I can contribute to an august cause and make some dime by way of charges for my services. At that time, much time had been at my disposal (jobless in harsh terms, Ha! Ha!) so I cannot be blamed for viewing the whole issue through the money perspective! The 'no money rewards' reply mail had been a big put-off for me, though I wished to contribute some time later.

Now, almost a decade has gone by, since I came to know of PG, I salute the man behind this mission - Mr. Michael Hart- and his crew, for facilitating millions read electronic versions of almost all classics and other literary and technical masterpieces by downloading them free of charge. As I look with awe and admiration at the growth of this wonderful initiative, I wish to be of some use for this PG one day...

PG stats speak volumes of their achievements:

  • 3 Million e-books downloaded each month
  • 100,000 Million titles available
  • Books from more than 50 languages

Check PG out http://www.gutenberg.org/ at leisure. You can search books by author name, title, categories etc.

Happy reading!

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