Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bangalore's new Airport

The newly opened Bangalore Devanahalli airport is indeed something of first-class, but what baffles me is its location. Located 35 kms off Bangalore city, travellers (both international and domestic) would find it bit hard to reach the city's hot spot in less than 2 in day time given the road and traffic conditions there.

For an international traveller it would be another tiring journey by way of the time taken to reach their hotels or businesses which might be mostly be located in the vicinity of Bangalore City. It should be remembered that a majority of international travellers to Bangalore are visiting the city for business purposes. Being an IT hub, most of them would be heading to Electronic City and ITPL facilities and commuting from the new airport to these areas are almost unthinkable.

Taking Hosur road or Ring road won't be much helpful given the fact that many of the access points to these roads lay in high-traffic areas. So any solutions?

One is to keep the old airport open for international traffic and this would drastically reduce the road travel time for jet-lag weary international travellers. Moreover, this would mean more ease and quickness in handling passengers and baggage both at the new airport and the old one.

The new airport can be dedicated for the service of domestic and low-budget airline passengers and cargo airliners.

By doing so much time and space issues regarding the new airport can be addressed and available airport infrastructure be utilised to its optimum capacity.

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