Sunday, May 11, 2008

Getting a new Loan or Credit Card!

When getting a credit card/loan, either do find some time to fill up those necessary documents in your own handwriting and take a photocopy of it or fill up whatever you can (especially the indispensable info), take a photocopy of it as well as of the id card of the bearer of the document, in this case, the sales executive. And please do not forget to take a business card also.

This might be of great help should you find yourselves in a tight spot in matters regarding credit card/loan. A friend of mine has a credit card and recently he found a certain amount deducted from his salary account towards credit card payment, though he never opted for the auto-debit option. When enquired, he was told that the documents showed he opted for the same!

The real problem: He had a taken a loan also and the loan repayments were made directly from his salary account. Luckily, he found balance in his salary account statement short of loan repayment amount, much earlier than the due date for the loan repayment amount and saved himself from penalty charges and loan repayment default by depositing the amount that was short.

So be careful when it comes to filling up forms like these...

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