Saturday, May 17, 2008

Project Blues!

Assistant Manager (AM) to Senior Manager (SM): “Sir, The project is almost over; I think we can complete it within a week’s time… with some extra hours put in”.

SM: Didn’t you say last week that many of our people are little over-worked these days?

AM: “Ha, Yes. But Sir, we have to finish this project as soon as possible otherwise…”

(As the conversation goes on, a team lead enters and informs of an employee black-out. SM gives a stern look at AM and tells the team lead to do whatever needed. The team lead hurries out and followed by the SM).

Next day, a senior-level meeting goes on and our AM is asked about the progress on the project by the VP. SM had another urgent, non-postponable meeting, so the onus fell on AM. AM announces with a certain pride and sense of achievement that the project would be finished in a week’s time, though he himself know well that its not going to happen.

After some hours, another meeting takes place, this time with AM doing the ‘honors’. After some inspire-talk and fact and fault finding, he ‘urges’ project hands to chip in with some quality extra hours. The project is ‘completed’ within a week’s time, and news announced with much gusto and pride.

Next week, the much exhausted employees are working to solve glitches their ‘achievement’ (or is it the manager’s) came up with. Meanwhile, the AM is back after a cute little trip to Singapore!

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