Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Being different could be for good!

Months (or is it years) back, I chanced to read in some quirky mag a quirky info: one of our bollywood beauties, if my memory is aright, Rani Mukherjee, has the habit of keeping few pulls of tissues with whereever she goes. Reason: She fears germs could be in door handles, window panes etc., etc... If you think she does that and she is bit nutty, then wrong, her behaviour is absolutely sensible. She thinks differently and for good!

Not agreeing with me, then read on: A recent survey by a London mag has found that Computer keyboards have many times more germs and bugs than a lavatory has. Many of these germs can cause potential health problems also. Samples from a London office found E-Coli and Coliforms (didn't get, food poisoining bacteria, by the way if you have been Heard Meenachil river in Kerala, then these bacteria names won't be unfamiliar). The delectable germ cocktail includes Staphylococcus aureus (Good for Boils and Pneumonia), Hospital bugs like MRSA and MSSA and enteric bacteria.

Now think of our cute little PCO's or telephone booths: Most of them also should be as good as any other public lavatory, keeping this info in mind. In Kerala, Bangalore, Delhi and elsewhere in India, I have come across many a booths with phone receivers and base units smeared with grime, sweat, paan juice sprinklings and even ketch-up paste. Taking cue from these, ain't I right saying Rani Mukherjee is absolutely right.

By the way, who said beauties don't have brains? Spank him!!!

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