Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Be Net-wise...

Do you use internet for banking and other financial services? If you do, then these tips might be a lot helpful for you.

1. If you receive your bank statements by email then print it, file it and lock it up in some safe place in your home. And Delete that mail.

2. Create a separate email account for receiving such mails. And try not to check such mails at your workplace or from a public place.

3. Never use that Copy-paste function when you want to key in your credit/debit card/discount/privilege cards for paying for goods and services thru net. Instead key in those number every time when you need to.

4. When taking prints of statements, account details etc make sure you get the exact number of copies you ordered to print. If the print hasn't come, wait/restart both computer and printer if needed. If your print command was initiated and printout not released instantaneously, then restarting computer or printer might print that sheet from its memory itself.

5. Never share your password with anybody, other than people you trust 100%.

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