Sunday, October 21, 2007

An act of goodness!

One fine morning I see a piece of sheet on a wall near the lift's entrance. Such notices are not that uncommon, because whatever our watchmen want to tell us gets expressed through those little pieces of paper pasted on that part of the wall, albeit in funny english like, watter for water, sapli for supply etc. Over the years we have been informed of many an info thru these quaint little pieces of paper notices made of package covers to tissues.

This time, the "notice" has been on a two line paper, which children usually make use of to develop beautiful handwriting. It says: " Found ear-ring in the lift. Bring the other of the pair and collect it". A mobile number was also given. I called up the number just to appreciate that act of goodness which is fast becoming rare in this world.

I thought if I had been on his place would I return it. Yes, but may be on another reason. I believe that things that somebody lost and which you found won't stay in your hands for long even if you keep it carefully. In one way or other, that lost item would eventually get off your hands without you even knowing it or you might have spent a certain amount of money unncecessarily which surprisingly would be equaling the value of that item, which you found. Moreover, I dont like keeping somebody else's items and use it as mine. I don't know how to express that feeling, its just something I cant myself put up with!

Well, if you get a lost item what would you do with it?

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