Thursday, November 8, 2007

Confusingly amusing...

An aerial view of Kerala's landscape is indeed a heart-warming one. Tiny little islands of green separated by a sparkling wavy threads of water or by black/reddish stretches of roads.

I don't want to mention those teeming blocks of concrete or tiled roofs that're the unmistakeable testimonials of our 'civilian inhabitation'. These specks (when viewed from above) can sometimes be sore spots to an aesthetic eye. Howmuchever beautiful views (elevation, facade and the like) they present us from the 'terra firma'.

These long winding roads and waterways have a close resemblance with the mental make-up of malayalee brethrens. Any guesses? Well, if you think on a different thought plane, you would find many a Keralite's psychological set-up as intriguing, enigmatic and confusingly amusing (if i may say so) like these twisty, twirly roads and waterways.

Do you agree or agree not?

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