Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Spammers! What do they get?

These days I get a lot of spam mails eventhough i never have opened such ones in the past. With Spammer behaviour, the general assumption is that, the more you read (read Open) such mails, the more will be the probability of you receiving spams. This general assumption is premised on the fact that if you open a spam mail (forget about you ever reading them) you are sending signals to the spammer and other prospective ones that such a mail id is in use. And Presto! your inbox would be Spambox in a few days. So Lesson 1. If you receive a spam mail either mark it as spam or just select and hit on the mighty Delete.

But what do these Spammers get? I don't think anyone would ever be as stupid as to open and read mails that come with stupid subject lines for example: ' And canyon do republic'. Would you be that inquisitive to read a mail with a subject line which obviously hints of spam flavour? You aren't such a fool, are you? Still they spam in a more or less similar fashion. They think you can be fooled. But who is the real fool?

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