Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Superstar Junior in Amrita TV

Three contestants vying for three top honours. And on the basis of viewer poll, Alsabith from Thrissur emerged the winner, leaving Pradeesh from Kannur as the first runner-up and Lincy from Kottayam, the second runner-up.

In my opinion, the winner should have been Pradeesh, because he had been steadily progressing since the event started off. Alsabith was, to a great extent consistent with the quality of his on-stage performance and in the style of singing. His smile was indeed of a crowd-winning kind and his resourcefulness very much appreciative. But Pradeesh was my favourite because his tonal range was indeed great and he gave all himself for every song he sung. Moreover, he had been little adventurous and courageous too because he tried to sing some songs which, for a boy of his age, would have dared not to sing in such a contest. And it would not be incorrect if i say that, in these "little adventures" he had been successful to a great extent.

One doubt, remains nonetheless: Did the counting was strictly on the basis of one-vote-from-one-mobile-number or was it based on the total number of sms votes received for each contestant. If there had been no double or multiple counting of votes then i should say that the contestant poll was indeed a fair and equitable one.

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