Thursday, June 5, 2008

Its Show-off time!

Gone are the days when Salwar-kameez-dupatta (SKD) did their beautiful role in highlighting a woman's beauty while concealing what needed to be not revealed.

To do some history-harking, it was the Hindi movies that popularised the SKD amongst the blouse-skirt clad Malayalee Mankas. Anything fashionable is acceptable to us. Thus, SKD replaced blouse-skirt ensemble in no time and the transition was backed by the convenience-factor also. True, many a Keralite lasses had their own tripped-over-by-long-skirt's-hem stories to tell. And stories of bosom-ogling also, though it was practised in a much inconspicuous way by our male-folk.

The ushering in of SKD, I felt was very much need of the times. SKD did what's intended to do. While giving ease in whether at work or at home it effectively hid what had to be hidden in a societal life. SKD made Malayalee girls more attractive and smart-looking.

The dupatta that came with Salwar-Kameez proved handy in many ways: Wrap it over your head and it gave respite from scorching sun; one could tie keys to end of it etc. etc. My aunt even used to do embroidery work on old dupattas and hung it as curtains and ornamental wall-hangs. Those were so beautiful that she got even paid for some. Well, so much of dupatta-talk.

Decades have went by since SKD have coloured our girls (You know, colours was the code for beautiful girls in our college) and men-folk's dreams. SKD has undergone much changes by way of design, cut, piece, length these days and its fan-following has seen manifold increase presenting us with some funny, interesting sights also.

It seems that Salwar-Kameez has split up with Dupatta. Coz' these days seldom do I see the female-folk wearing one over their shoulders. Dupatta nicely hid bosoms from unwanted glances, views and comments. My mom never allowed my sister go outdoors without one if she were wearing Salwar-Kameez.

Given the trend I fear that Dupatta will gradually say good bye to SK. The process has already been set off. First, it's just gathering together of dupatta over one's shoulders. Slowly, it got sidelined to one shoulder with most of it used to cover the hand only. Still, dupatta clung by. Another fashion was to huddle it near the neck (hold both ends of dupatta together and you do horse-riding, by dupatta-harness!).

The new generation seems to have forgotten that with every Salwar-Kameez a dupatta could be used and for good. Most girls these days prefer this free-flowing friend rest in their wardrobes rather than be of use.

Not using them, has not many advantages rather than showing-off the big-two's; if that may be called an advantage. For beauties who'd want to show their bosoms off, I hear them saying: "Hell with dupatta". Meanwhile, bosomy beauties may well wear one for their own 'presentation-sake'.

Off the pad: A friend of mine says Big B*** and teat showing is kind of raw-fashion these days, that's why many are averse to wearing dupattas. Padders also vouch!

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