Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Swami Ayappan serial and our times

I am not an avid serial watcher. But one serial which I am hooked to these days is Swami Ayappan aired on Asianet (Weekdays: 9.30 pm - 10.00pm). Each episode is a lesson in itself. The 'Saramsham' or the moral of the story shown at the end of each episode is full of meaning and relevance to the pious and practical minded ones. Those episodes which connect directly with the Raja's rule are quite relevant in our times also.

What I find most interesting is that this serial is being broadcast at a time when the social and political atmosphere of Kerala is weathering a tumultous and critical period.

The Channel should be congratulated for all the good efforts it takes to influence and change the mindset of people and society for common good.

How I wish our politicos spared half-an-hour for viewing this beautiful serial.

Its full of wisdom and simple knowledge that could serve as beacons to our political masters in bringing out the best in them for their moral and spiritual betterment and for better governance.

I hope if our political and social 'servants' view it everyday then we can hope that our political and social atmosphere will change for good!

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