Thursday, July 12, 2007

Appreciating 'Sorry'!

Remember the last time you said "Sorry"? Maybe for not keeping up a promise you made to your spouse or to a friend. To a shopkeeper with whom you argued for not giving you the exact change as balance for the item's price you misread. To a colleague for accidentally (or deliberately) trampling on his/her foot. In all these above instances, you must have found, Sorry, as the-one-word-quick-fix that would do the face-saving or sometimes even life-saving act for all those deliberate or inadvertent wrongs/misdoings/mistakes et al of yours.

But how often have we understood the real worth or value of that word? Have not we consciously or unconsciuously taken that word for granted and used it copiously, not even considering whether use of that word was needed or not?

I think, we would really be appreciating the worth of 'Sorry' only when we expect it from somebody else, for a wrongdoing of theirs. We would be expecting 'Sorry' to with utmost earnestness and bit forgiving mindset, especially if the wrongdoer happens to be someone close to your heart.

Only when a 'Sorry" is due to you, we try to appreciate the value and worth of it. That singly makes 'Sorry' a valuable word. Not to be used regardless of whether the situation warrants it or not.

So next time you use the word 'Sorry' think twice and more importantly let it come from, from the bottom of your heart! And see what magic this five-letter word creates in the mind of the listener!

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